Patron Saint`s Festivities

Galdakao celebrates its Patron Saint´s Festivities during September, being the 14th the main day, Santa Cruz Day

Traditional Festivities

It is celebrated 40 days before Palm Sunday. It is a deep-rooted festivity in Basque tradition. It is a satirical representation of daily reality, where everything turns into mess and ridicule. There is a magic character representing the cleanliness of the evil, Mozolloker, and after three trials, he is burnt in the middle of the town
San Juanes
This festivity celebrate the summer solstice (23rd of June in the night). Two bonfires, rituals and spells, showing the importance of the Basque Mythology and the high profile of the fire.
It is the winter solstice festivity (24th of December in the night). Every activities revolve arround the mythological character called "Olentzero", who comes down from Basque mountains to announce the birth of God. This tradition is more and more deep-rooted in the Basque Country.


  • Agricultural and Craft Fair, celebrates on the second sunday of the "Patron Saint Festivities of Sta. Cruz".
  • Botanical-Cultural Week of Biscay, May, organized by "Barrengorri Perretxiko Elkartea" asociation.
  • Micolgical Conference of Biscay, organized by "Sdad. Micológica Recreativa Peña Sta. Cruz", takes place in October.
  • Basque Disc and Book Fair, five days evey year , 19-23 December.
  • Gaztañada Fair, saturday before the 24th of December.

District Festivities

The districts of Galdakao celebrate their own festivities during the year:

Barrio Aperribai
Festivity of San José Obrero.1st May.
Barrio Olabarrieta-Txistulanda
Barrio Usánsolo
2nd Sunday of May. Festivity of San Andrés 30th November.
Barrio Bekea
Festivity of the Ascensión.
Barrio Erletxe
Are joined the barrios of Erletxe, Altamira, Askarri, Padrola, Artola and Kortederra. San Bernabé.11th June.
Barrio Urreta
Festivity de San Juan.24th June.
Barrio Berezikoetxe(Iberluze)
Last weekend of June.
Barrio Arteta
Festivity of San Antón Txikerra.2nd Saturday of July.
Barrio Bengoetxe
Festivity of Santa Marina.18th July.
Barrio Tximelarre Bekoa
Festivity of San Ignacio.31st July
Barrio Elexalde
Festivity of Andra Mari.15 th August.October.